Looking for the best Photography WordPress themes to use on your website? If yes, then you are on the right page as we have made a list of the best WordPress themes for wedding photographers, nature photographers and anyone who would like to showcase their portfolio online.

Creating an online photography portfolio has become a must-have with today’s social networking environment; and WordPress makes it far easier to share photos, at high resolutions, and with customizable features that showcase your collections in any fashion that is preferred.

There are a great number of WordPress themes that have different elements to fit every need and style, such as differing grids and galleries, full-screen photos, page types and more. If you are preparing or organizing an online portfolio for your photography, check out our hand-picked list of the best WordPress themes for photographers out there.

Best Photography WordPress Themes

1. Uncode

uncode multiuse wordpress theme

At the top of the list is Uncode, a proficient photography theme that offers users every website feature needed to build a brand, a company, or just an extensive portfolio. Uncode’s page builder has also been acknowledged by many institutions for its creative web development, front-end editor, and user-friendliness. Uncode supports plug-ins like WooCommerce, the funnel page LayerSlider, and several more.

A unique aspect of the Uncode WordPress theme is its visual composition options. There are over 16 portfolio page layouts to choose from as well as customizable ways to arrange photos, menus, widgets, pages, and nearly any other piece of creative web building. Uncode is also responsive and will project websites at any screen size, giving both users and creators their best experience.

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2. Photography WordPress Theme

photography wordpress theme

This Photography WordPress theme was made specifically with photographers in mind. This theme builds itself completely off of WordPress’s already straightforward editor. And in addition to WooCommerce, it offers a clientele-photographer management system that gives clients their own log-in and archives.

This theme also has a drag and drop content builder, which makes creating a website that much easier. Along with its pre-set portfolio options, there are also pages made for a blog, gallery, and even events, testimonials, and translation assistance. Not to mention its welcoming service support for any technical issues that may occur.

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3. Oshine

oshine multipurpose theme

Oshine has over 50 demo websites to choose from, and hundreds of different page samples to pick from. So if you are looking for a theme with several customizable layout options, Oshine would be the one. Oshine uses its own builder called Tatsu, which offers faster loading, a night mode, tree view, font controls, spacing and visibility controls, and many other features.

Oshine provides ease with its Colorhub, making it more manageable to keep all fonts and backgrounds brand colors with its multiple color palette option and color swatches for easy to pick colors. Oshine also gives use to video backgrounds, which can give a unique experience to users in addition to its fullscreen feature for page sections.

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4. Divi

divi theme

Divi is a WordPress theme for anyone looking for the most user-friendly laymen’s web developer; Divi offers a frontend editor that uses drag and drop editing where you can edit pages in the same view as to how they will be published. Another novel feature that Divi has is its opportunity to save page designs to use more quickly and efficiently in the future.

Divi comes with over 800 websites layouts and it is added to and updated weekly, together with free to use images, symbols, and illustrations. Divi’s photograph editor includes various animated transitions, corners, shadows, and hover cards. Making it easy to design a portfolio that would be comfortable for any client to scroll through.

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5. TheGem

thegem photography theme

TheGem is an all-in-one WordPress theme for creative individuals that are looking for a website to build a business, a store, a portfolio, or landing pages. Because of its extensive uses, TheGem has over 400 individual demo pages to choose and build from. TheGem also has video tutorials to make admin user experience as smooth as possible.

TheGem supports both traditional multiple page websites as well as one-page unlimited scroll websites. With the traditional type, TheGem also makes an option to create headers and footers that could follow the whole website or for different pages.

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6. Core

core photography themes

The Core minimalist theme is one of the most used WordPress themes for photographers and their online portfolios. This theme tries to make itself the least complicated one on the market with its small number of portfolio style alternatives.

While there are only 4 styles to choose from, their universal customization options make it so each one is incredibly personalizable. For instance, with its fullscreen background images, post types, fonts and page set-ups, no two Core website portfolios could ever look exactly alike.

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7. PhotoMe

photome theme

PhotoMe is another theme that gives users the ability to have a live drag and drop content builder and editor, which allows users to create websites while still looking at the website, rather than through a backend editor that does not show what items will truly look like. PhotoMe was developed for photographers and has over 50 types of galleries and portfolios to choose from.

PhotoMe features Mega Menu software that helps users organize large and long lists of menu items, which can be viewed as a top menu, sidebar, or minimized. Organizing large amounts of items in a menu is nearly impossible in WordPress’s free editor, so this would be helpful for anyone looking to create numerous categories and pages.

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8. Photographer WordPress Theme

photographer theme for wordpress

This Photographer WordPress theme is another theme made solely for the photography niche, meaning it entirely focuses on showcasing photos in creative ways. If you are looking for something simple, this theme gives use to open spaces and no distractions to better display and view photographs.

One unique feature that this theme avails is the option for an ever-changing homepage, where each visit would exhibit different photos each time from your portfolio at random. This unparalleled feature gives ease to users because the homepage would be live and adapt without having to change it manually. And while this theme is made for photographers, is also has a blog page ready to use as well.

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9. Kalium

kalium creative wordpress theme

Kalium offers a lifetime of free updates that come automatically. And almost every theme will have Google fonts available to use, in addition to this Kalium also has four other font services available in its font management library including Adobe fonts and a way to upload already bought fonts.

Kalium also has Adaptive Images, a smart way for every screen size to view images at their highest quality. Most websites will shrink images, Kalium’s Adaptive Images crops images to the screen size in hopes to offer users the best experience. Kalium additionally comes with video tutorials and SideKick, an interactive AI guide to building and creating websites from scratch for beginners.

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10. Azalea – Fashion Photography Theme

azalea fashion photography theme

This WordPress theme is perfect if you are looking for a minimalistic look and something made specifically for creative photographers with multiple portfolio options, a client list, and password regulated pages for clients. Azalea also comes with a drag and drop plug-in for free, as well as the Revolution Slider live editor that comes with nearly all professional themes.

Azalea offers the classic Tumblr-style portfolio, in addition to this, it also has a full-page carousel, a Pinterest-style layout, a full-page layout with thumbnails at the bottom, and grids that vary in the amount of blank space wanted. Overall, Azalea entirely focuses on featuring photographs in their best light.

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11. Superba

superba photography theme

Superba makes use of its own page builder, which has been made uniquely for photographers and includes and features blocks such as an album, accordion, tabs, progress bar, pricing tables and a counter. In addition to this, Superba also has Taxonomy that filters photographs to certain albums, making for an easy way to organize work.

Superba has three different portfolio layouts to start from but then many types of ways to customize and personalize each page. Superba also has both a dark and light version for gallery backgrounds, making it easy to set the mood for any style of photography.

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12. Photosy

photosy wordpress theme

The WordPress theme Photosy was designed with the modern photographer in mind. Out of its 19+ page layouts, the majority of them use a masonry type of arrangements, which is a grid where none of the columns have set heights. Masonry layouts eliminate all points of empty space and then highlight more photos on a single page than other grid types; classic style layouts are also available.

Photosy uses its own slider software with 5 tailorable options such as parallax pages, fullscreen carousels, and other fullscreen animated sliders. Photosy also comes with many pre-set website demo pages for any occasion, namely for photographer agencies, Instagrammers, bloggers, as well as pre-made pages like contact forms and about pages.

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13. Milea

milea wordpress theme for photographers

This photography WordPress theme would be higher on this list if it was not for its higher than the general market’s price. But at a higher price point, Milea comes with everything most themes have but with many more options. Milea has example demo pages to start with and then has thousands of layout possibilities with its editor blocks, widgets and plug-ins.

A unique aspect of the Milea theme product page is that it showcases creators who use the theme for their photography business, which helps future creators design their own layout by looking at real-world examples that are elegant and smooth. With this, users can view some of Milea’s available headers, footers, pages, and animated sliders in effect.

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14. Novo

novo photography theme

Novo is one of the photography WordPress themes developed for the trendy creative types. The theme has 25 unique page layouts but on top of that, each one comes in both a light and dark versions to choose from. Novo also offers a way to edit and brand enhance 404 error pages, which when made cleverly can turn annoyed visitors into adoring customers.

The traditional carousel gallery can be said to be a simple slideshow, Novo has something unique called a horizontal gallery where images are animated to be angled behind the main featured photo. This horizontal gallery then gives users the experience of turning pages in an online portfolio, giving the website a soft and user-friendly look and feel.

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15. Folie

folie portfolio theme

Like many high-end WordPress themes, Folie comes with the backend editor called WPBakery Visual Composer, which offers hundreds of pre-made pages, sections, and blocks for easy customization.

Folie just came out with a new update that features hide and reveal lightboxes with photo descriptions; and this animation style allows users to pack in the most amount of information onto single pages without having a visually cluttered look. The update also came with the ability to save and re-use page layouts, to make for an easier page building process.

The 25 demo layouts that come with the have parts and sections that can all be integrated and used in tangent with each other, making out to have unlimited possibilities for website building. As a bonus, Folie also comes with a live editor for its headers, making it easy to strengthen one’s brand and optimize menu item placement.

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16. Kinetika

kinetika photography wordpress theme

Like other WordPress themes for photographers, Kinetika comes with 6 homepage layout options with various menu placements along with both light and dark visual alternatives. Kinetika focuses on having fullscreen images and posts, such as for videos, a photo wall, and three different kinds of slideshows. Moving fullscreen slideshows can also be used as the background of the website, as well as videos, photos, and static photos.

A unique block type that the theme offers is a before and after slider, where clients can slide photos back and forth to view editing changes, or other creative ways to display photos. Other blocks available include things like toggles, slideshows with static text, blog slideshows, and events lister.

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17. TwoFold

twofold wordpress theme

TwoFold, or TWFLD, is another theme that emphasizes having fullscreen images and webpages. The theme’s masonry demo portfolio can be seen as 100% full of images, as it touches all sides of the screen and has no space in between images. Or, if you are looking for a modern side-scroll horizontal layout, TwoFold has multiple options in creating a stylish online portfolio.

TwoFold uses software that makes it easy for users to search and lookup photos with collection pages and filters and search terms, creating a simplified way to share work with future clients with specific tastes. It also has an exceptional way for users to purchase photographs by combining WooCommerce with Lightbox and offering a button that reads “Buy This Photo”, resulting in one of the most streamlined customer experience.

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18. Pinhole

pinhole minimalistic photography theme

Because Pinhole was created with photographers in mind, there are over 30 types of gallery layouts to pick from to create a professional online portfolio. If you are looking for a very client-friendly website that helps relieve the stress of sharing photos, Pinhole offers password-protected pages that then have download buttons available for clients to download again and again.

Pinhole provides many means of customization, including various options of pagination, something most themes overlook, such as older/newer, page numbers, or an infinite scroll that loads on queue. Pinhole comes with a comprehensive setup guide as well as an easy to use theme editing panel.

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19. Vega

vega photography theme

This WordPress theme starts users with numerous layout elements that vary from minimalistic to fullscreen galleries. Vega also comes with an old school feature of playing music on the homepage, this is something that is uncommon but when used correctly can create a mesmerizing experience to clients who are visiting.

Vega supports many different features, one of which includes comments to photograph galleries as well as the ability to use the drag and drop editor and edit small pieces of code with the CSS block without interfering with the overall theme.

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20. Tography

tography wordpress theme

Tography is a self-proclaimed theme that has been made specifically for photographers by photographers which can be seen in its small details. For example, each photo can be shared with its EXIF metadata for any viewer that is curious, such as each photo’s focal length, shutter speed, what camera is used, which is data all automatically taken from image files.

The use of the Tography theme is made easy because of its limited options, with three portfolio designs, three gallery styles, and two headers available, which can be relieving to anyone who prefers having fewer choices.

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21. KingSize Photography Theme

kingsize wordpress theme

If you are looking for a full multi-media art and photography portfolio, then KingSize may be the perfect theme for you. KingSize supports nearly any type of medium that one could want to add to a portfolio, such as photos, videos, Youtube videos, links and almost any medium possible.

The KingSize theme offers interactive blocks and widgets for creating a seamless customer experience, like toggles, collapsible blocks, and photos that can zoom out close to the edge of the screen without directing visits to separate pages. KingSize also features layouts for bloggers for those who want to create a fully rounded portfolio.

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22. LENS

lens photography theme

LENS is one of the best photography WordPress themes that can produce any look an artist may want for their portfolio. For those in agencies, LENS offers both a simple, personal about page as well as an about page made for team members or several people.

LENS is a streamlined theme for anyone who looks to post onto all social media, this theme comes with plug-ins for Twitter feeds, Flickr, Dribble, and SEO meta tags for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. And social font icons are available for everything else.

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timber theme for photography

Timber is a chic and current WordPress theme that uses fast and smooth animated transitions. For instance, one could use its Zoom and Pan view to look closely at photos, zoom out to the filmstrip layout of the collection, and then zoom out again to view the collection as thumbnails. This gives visitors a sleek and efficient way to view photographs and move about the website.

Because Timber highlights work differently to most websites or WordPress themes, its smart gallery view makes for an eye-catching unique experience for potential clients. Timber is ideal for any photographer wanting to make a name for themselves, as it combines both WooCommerce and the online printing service Printful, the easiest way to have product fulfillment for busy body creatives.

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24. Exposure

exposure theme

Exposure is a WordPress theme perfect for photographers working locally or with a need to keep an online schedule. It offers its users a calendar block in its drag and drop editor, which can be used to organize one’s events or sale seasons. Clients would then be able to keep themselves up-to-date, which can save time for those who want to email photographers about their schedule.

Exposure has been made to be very helpful for any laymen looking to create a website, there is no coding knowledge needed when using a WordPress theme but of course, some still have questions, and for this reason, there are video tutorials available tied to each of its integrated features.

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25. Ztudio X

ztudiox theme for photographers

This photography WordPress theme uses its own GoodLayers Page Builder software to create pages live, and it additionally comes with 19 separate header styles to choose from. Demo pages can also be imported in for full use or with singular pieces taken, making to a completely customizable webpage creator.

Ztudio X, tied with GoodLayers, offers a navigation admin panel that allows for backend content management but also has a live front-end editor that has 14 blog styles, 9 portfolio demos, and 6 gallery layouts available.

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26. Kreativa

kreativa photography theme

This photography specific theme, Kreativa, was made to best highlight images and their photographer. Kreativa uses AJAX software that gives visitors the ability to like, or give a thumbs up, to individual photos. It also offers Filterables, where one can add tags to photos so that they can then be searched for later on the website.

Kreativa also has management systems for working with clients, events, needs for photo proofing. In addition, it provides many lightbox options such as zoom controls, title and description support, and embedded link support.

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27. Whizz

whizz themes for photography

This WordPress theme was created to have an interactive relationship between the photography team, users, and clients. Whizz makes it possible to send galleries to clients before posting to get their approval first. Moreover, the theme shows users how many times photos have been either liked or downloaded.

Whizz comes with 46 nearly publish-ready website templates to easily fill in with all of one’s own work, with more being added as time goes on. The theme also works to help ease the business side of photography by giving the option to add watermarks, PDFs to download, and a booking calendar with the plug-in Booked Appointment.

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28. Bow

bow clean photography theme

The Bow theme comes in 3 simple variations: a photo background, a video background or a smart content slider. And because this theme is easy and comprehensive, it has an impressive page loading time of fewer than two seconds.

Bow can be seen as a less complicated choice because of the way it gives demonstrative content versus endless layout possibilities. This gives users the option to simply create and add content without having to conform to a certain arrangement.

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29. Expression Photography Theme

expression photography theme

The Expression theme for photography websites is powered by the Pexeto Panel, which works separately from WordPress but still utilizes its Classic Editor. One unique slider that Expression offers is a fullscreen gallery view with social media sharing buttons on the same page, making it easier to share individual images with standard and custom buttons.

Expression comes with customizable options such as backgrounds with 36 different patterns that can attune itself to any chosen color, custom backgrounds can also be uploaded as well. And in addition to Google Fonts, the theme features Cufon fonts and allows users to upload their own as well. The theme also works with WP/LP Sync to import photos straight from Adobe Lightroom, which can be bought separately.

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30. Framed

framed wordpress theme

This WordPress theme was made for professional photographers in particular, with multiple pre-built website templates for various uses. For instance, websites for event photography, fashion, nature, cooking, traveling, wedding, even street photography, and more sub-themes coming in the future with updates.

Framed works well for client work by offering them a password-protected account to view their orders. It also protects photographers with watermarks and photo proofing. Photos can be shared with before and after sliders, giving clients more options between photo edits. And for starting an online store, the theme offers products with variation support, with various sizes and price points for customers.

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31. Coastline

coastline photography wordpress themes

Coastline is one of the best photography WordPress themes that focuses on highlighting photographs in a modern and aesthetically pleasing way. It comes with adaptable layouts for portfolios, such as a fullscreen mosaic that fills screens wall to wall with large cropped thumbnails. It also makes for a smooth single page website with an infinite scroll homepage full of photographs and buttons for social connects.

This theme works readily with popular plug-ins, for example, the Divi drag and drop front-end editor and Popups by OptinMonster to gain a larger email newsletter following, and thousands of other plug-ins. At the same time, Coastline also comes with a translation plug-in for a world-wide audience reach.

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32. PhotoProof

photoproof responsive theme

PhotoProof was built with Elementor, a drag and drop editor, and can be directly synced to from other similar themes from the same creator, such as Starter, Agency, and Thirteen. PhotoProof comes with several pre-made layouts as well as more than 15 different header options.

Menu items can also be edited to change the hover effect of each button, to underline, box out, or add an icon to any menu link to better differentiate and personalize websites. The theme and its creators have a support forum available with help from WordPress experts.

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kallyas multipurpose wordpress theme

Kallyas is a WordPress theme devoted to creators looking for a way to build a brand, open an online store, and join the industry of creating and vending artwork. And as an added bonus, in addition to the two common slider plug-ins, Kallyas also has MailChimp added in automatically as well, one of the most used email services at the moment.

This theme comes with more than 70 pre-made page templates that can be customized to fit any style. Kallyas is tied exclusively with Zion Builder, a drag and drop live editor that lets you bounce back and forth between layouts and its hundreds of element types easily. Similarly, the theme uses Mega Menu that adds the ability to organize drop-down menus with hyperlinks and photos for advertisements or branding.

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Which Were Your Favorite Photography WordPress Themes?

These themes are best for photography portfolios and agency websites, each one is created differently and made for a multitude of professional needs. Most of them have a number of plug-ins included in their price, for example, drag and drop editors, making some themes an all-encompassing package deal for those who prefer a one-stop-shop. For any photographer’s personal theme and style, these top WordPress themes are entirely customizable to create a branded website and start selling photograph prints or downloadables online today.

So, let us know which of these WordPress themes for photographers did you like? Also, share this article with your photographer friends and use the comments section below to share your feedback and suggestions.